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About Us

Pamir One Travel

The Travel Agency "Pamir One Travel" invites clients and fans of adventures to Tajikistan and the mighty mountains and marvelous valleys of the Pamir. We will show you the best places to visit in one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. Join us in exploring our beautiful home in one of the most hidden parts of the "Roof of the world". We offer traveling to one of the most remote parts of the world under the best-traveling conditions and great tourist services. Taking into account your wide range of personal preferences, we offer you interesting and attractive touristic routes, both individually or together with your family and friends. Because of the transparency of its activities, the Travel Agency "Pamir One Travel" has a professional team consisting of qualified specialists who have sufficient experience and knowledge in choosing interesting places to visit, developing tourist programs and routes, and securing the best travel conditions. We are confident that after using our services and routes, you will always want to visit sunny Tajikistan again. Traveling in the Pamir Highlands, you will see the unique places and amazing natural landscapes of two mountainous countries -Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The Dushanbe–Khorog–Osh highway will allow you to explore the local food and culture of the Pamiri people, old impassable mountain roads and passes located at an altitude of more than 4 thousand meters, springs with mineral, cold, and hot water, thousands of years old glaciers and ancient pre-Islamic sacred places, buildings, and fortresses. You will discover the remarkable local handcrafts and bring back rare gifts and souvenirs, like musical instruments, amazing winter socks, hats, gloves, and ancient crafts items, for your loved ones at home. We will welcome you to the traditional Pamiri House "Chod" that has preserved its original form for over one thousand years until today. Traveling along the serpentine roads of Bartang Valley and seeing the majestic Sarez Lake does not need any advertisement.

The Travelling Agency "Pamir One Travel" welcomes you to the high mountains of Tajikistan and the amazing Pamir!!!

Our Service

We proudly offer the following services:
  • Tour Packages

    Overland and trekking tours;

    Cultural and eco-tours;

    Cross-border tours and treks/hikes; Adventure

    and Wildlife travel.

  • Transportation

    Our fleet consists of more than 8 cars.
  • Accommodation

    We work with the most reliable hotels and
    homestays in the region.
  • 24/7 Support

    You can always get professional

    support from our staff 24/7 and ask

    any questions you have.

  • Guiding Service

    We have experienced travel guides
  • Car Renting

    We offer 4WD cars and many other car categories
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